Energy Management with MAXES

MAXES is the first intelligent energy management system that integrates solar and battery stored energy with home automation, based on Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, to create the ultimate energy storage system for homes and offices. MAXES is sleek and elegantly designed, which is integrated with Ape’ SmartHome system, that controls and manages all loads to optimize energy usage.


MAXES is connected to cloud hosted Ape’ SmartHome software platform, which is integrated with solar and energy storage system to create an efficient and reliable energy management and control platform. It allows you to manage energy consumption by controlling critical and non-critical loads within the site. By combining Ape’ SmartHome product line, you will be able to digitally separate loads without re-wiring and remotely control heavy loads, to create the ultimate smart home powered by the cleanest energy available, in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Key features of MAXES


Integrated with Ape’ SmartHome system which includes patented Ape’ Smart Plug Sockets and management software platform, MAXES is capable of dynamic load selection, according to pre-defined user preferences. This will maximize the duration of backup power supply during grid power failure, with optimized use of your energy storage, based on the capacity of the battery bank.


As a unique feature of MAXES, each 50AH Li-ion battery installed in the system will allow you to use 2~3 units of energy per day, which will cost you the least, if the storage is from solar energy during peak solar generation. Flexible schedules can be created in the system to use less costly energy wisely so that enough energy will always be available for backup. Based on the size of the battery bank deployed, you will be able to save energy by re-using the stored energy daily around 1.5 cycles per day.


By using advanced patented Ape’ Smart Plug Sockets the system is capable of identifying critical and non-critical loads to manage them efficiently. With other devices such as IR Controls, Roller Gate Controllers etc., fitted with embedded PLC technology, it also manages heavy current consuming loads such as Air-conditioners/Heaters to maximize the use of solar and stored energy to offset peak utility rates.


Ape’ SmartHome platform provides the facility to configure Hybrid Inverter, Li-ion Battery system remotely via Ape’ IoT Gateway, which is incorporated in MAXES. In addition, flexible and efficient schedules and profiles could be created using Ape’ SmartHome software platform, which will not only control the energy storage system but also the SmartHome system for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.


MAXES is integrated with industry standard Hybrid Inverters as well as Li-ion battery systems to provide you ultimate flexibility when selecting the system components. Ape’ SmartHome software platform provides a comprehensive configuration and reporting tools that would allow you to save free or less expensive energy during the day and use the storage in the night or during power outage.


MAXES will allow you to store energy from solar when available and the Grid when it is less expensive according to the time of the day. The stored energy could be used during power outage and when the energy cost is highest during peak time. The system will help you to lower electricity bills, decrease carbon emissions and maximize clean energy usage throughout the day.

Technical Specifications of MAXES

Power Unit

Continuous output: (AC) 5~10KW
Usable capacity: 2.4kWh – 9.6 kWh (in 2.4 kWh steps)
Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 22/66/9 (May vary depending on the application)
UPS and Backup power capability


Smart configurable backup power
Smart demand control and load management
Smart energy saving from ESS
Time-of-Day use management
Solar self-consumption
Fully integrated Home automation

UL Listing

Certified to UL 9540, UL 1741 (inverter) and UL 1973 (batteries) standards and FCC part 15 Class B compliant.

Lifespan / Warranty*

Industry leading standard lifetime of 3000~6000 charge cycles or 7~10 years.
*Warranty on third-party products will be back-to-back from the relevant manufacturer. Please refer to our product warranty for all Ape’ products.

Nominal Power Rating

Output at 25 deg C: 2.4~9.6kW